Make Time for You : 10 Ways to Practice Self-Care at Home

Often times, I find myself zooming through the week on auto pilot without making time for self-care. Going through the motions of the day just to return home drained of energy and wishing I had more time. After a long week of work, events, DIY projects and helping other people build their brands ( I’m a woman of many side hustles), I realized that I barely took any time for myself. You know it’s bad when it’s been over two weeks since my last leisurely stroll through Target!

So this weekend I’ve decided to take a little time out for me and I think you should do the same. Here are 10 ways to practice self-care, at home, to get your started!


“It’s not selfish to do what’s best for you”

– Unknown

  1. Take a relaxing bath.
  2.  Take an afternoon nap.  No excuses are needed, even if you end up sleeping way longer than you intended. 
  3. Treat your skin and your wallet to a DIY detoxifying face mask.
    recipe for diy face mask
    Naturally Handcrafted
  4. Use aromatherapy. Try one of these DIY aroma therapy recipes, using essential oils.
    essential oil lavendar
  5.  Remove the clutter. Clear off your desk, throw away things that can no longer be used, and give away old clothes that you’re no longer going wear.
  6.  Listen to a guided meditation to clear your mind of everything that has happened throughout the week.
  7. Buy some fresh flowers. Studies show that having fresh flowers, in your home, can enhance your overall mood. 
  8. Create affirmation cards or printouts and place them somewhere that you’ll see everyday, like the bathroom mirror or your on your bedroom wall.
  9. Read a book. For me, reading a good book feels like an escape. It always leaves  me feeling inspired, recharged, and provides comfort.
  10. Cook a healthy meal. Try a new recipe, like this one for Miso Cod , from Oprah’s new cookbook, ” Food, Health, and Happiness“.
    Miso glazed cod with green beans for self-care
    Tina Rupp/Food, Health,and Happiness

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