Before & After : Brother’s Vintage Finds Get a Second Chance at Life 

I’m not the only one in my family with the DIY gene… My brother, Paul Anthony, is quite the DIY and Home Decor lover, himself. While our decor styles differ, I can always count on him for an edit or two, to reel me in when I’ve gone too far. His style is more mid-century modern minimalist ( lots of grays and neutrals ), while I’m more traditional meets modern, with a pop of color !  I guess you could say we’re each other’s design gurus. Even though we live on separate coasts, neither of us hesitate to jump on Facetime when needing a second opinion on anything from paint colors and furniture placement, to tools and supplies.

Picture This:

I’m standing in the middle of the aisle, at Target, on a weeknight, making major life decisions over bedding and calling my brother on Facetime, as he’s getting ready for bed, to see if he likes the heather gray sheets or the slate sheets. ( both shades of gray, but very different).


That pretty much sums up our relationship..


Last week, while visiting Atlanta, I had the chance to visit my brother’s new home, for the first time, and check out some of his latest DIY projects. Whether he’s discovering old  furniture in my parent’s garage or picking up things from yard sales, my brother definitely has a way of giving weathered, vintage pieces a second chance at life.

Great Grandmother’s Dresser



Sources :

Paint  // Drawer Pulls 


Vintage Zenith Hi-fi Stereo

$20 Yard Sale Find 

Before:vintage zennith hifi stereo closed before

vintage hifi zennith stereo

In Process:

wine bar in process of being made over



Music Playing Wine Bar 

madeover wine bar




Paint // Wine Rack  // Decanter // Wine Glasses


Oh.. and just in case you were thinking,” But it doesn’t play music anymore…”

My brother installed a Harmon Kardon Onyx bluetooth speaker inside of the cabinet, behind the speaker guards, to pay homage to its origins.


Song: “Home” by Sheena Marie ( Me )


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