To Live and Grill in the City : Indoor Grilling for City Living

It’s officially grilling season and while most people are firing up their grills, for everything from backyard barbecues to a simple weeknight dinner, there’s  a collective of outdoor space deprived apartment dwellers, trying to figure out a way to grill on their balcony or fire escape without burning down the building or getting caught by their landlord. peaches on grillOne of the major drawbacks to living in an “urban oasis”, such as LA or New York, is the lack of personal outdoor space. I never realized how much I would miss having my own outdoor space, until I moved into a building where a rooftop partly covered with satellite dishes and the front steps of the building were the closest I was going to get to having a yard. That being said, fear not, although it may seem like fighting over the communal rooftop grill ( if you’re lucky) or grilling at your own risk on the public park grill, where you may get a little extra flavor from the charred remnants of whatever the person before you cooked, the same grilled, charred, and smoked taste can be achieved indoors. Trust me, with the temperature going nowhere but up, you’re better off inside, where its cool.

The Grills:  

When it comes to the grill itself, there are a number of options, for the stove top, counter top, and even stand alone grills for those who still want to feel like “the grill master”.









Indoor Grilling Tips and Tricks 

Check out these helpful tips and links below, for everything from achieving the perfect grill marks to bringing the outdoor grilled taste indoors

Indoor Grill Meat Cooking Times:

grilled chicken wings on grill pan

Flank Steak: 12 to 14 minutes

Hamburgers: 14 to 17 minutes

Precooked Hot Dogs or Sausages: 5 to 7 minutes

Chicken Breast: 12 to 15 minutes

Fish Fillets or Shrimp: 5 to 7 minutes

** For cooking on a uncovered, grill pan **

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