Grow Your Own: DIY Hanging Starbucks Cup Herb Garden

This project is a direct result of my love for Starbucks unsweetened iced green teas and fresh herbs. I won’t mention how many times I go to a week I go to Starbucks ( enough to reach gold status), but the number of plastic cups that I had accumulated called for some kind of upcycling DIY project.



The opportunity presented itself, when I found myself throwing away more than half of the fresh basil, I purchased for a Bolognese recipe and never used again. Although I love cooking with fresh herbs, I always seem to end up with more than I need, resulting in wasted money and produce. In efforts to put an end to my wastefulness I decided to grow my own herb garden and use my Starbucks cups as planters.


** Sidenote: Have you ever noticed that the baristas can never quite get your name right? **

So Gina sounds like Sheena?!

First, I took a trip to the local nursery,at Anawalt Lumber Yard, where I purchased some Basil and Rosemary seedlings and Miracle Grow Moisture Control potting mix for under $15. The gardening associate told me that the basil would need plenty of sun light, so I decided to hang the herbs by the kitchen window.

fresh herbs from nursery

Since I had spent very little money at the nursery, I decided to stick with the low-budget theme and find materials around the house, to hang my planters. After rummaging through my crafting supplies, I found some picture hanging wire, jute string, and cup hooks leftover from past projects, I now had everything I needed to create my hanging herb garden.jute string and picture hanging wire


To create your own, here’s what you’ll need:



1. Wash and dry cups.

2. Make a small hole in the bottom of the cup with a knife or pair of scissors ( don’t worry water will not drip through the hole)

3. Remove herbs and soil from pot.

4. Take some of the loose soil and place a small layer at the bottom of the cup.

herbs out of pot

5.  Place your herb plant inside of the cup and fill with soil around the plants roots.


1. Wrap the picture hanging wire around the cup 3 times. (This is the length you’ll need to create the cup holder.)


2. Take wire from around cup and fold in half.

3. Twist the wire together to form a loop at the folded end.

twisted wire

4. Wrap wire around cup and create another loop at the other end and twist to secure. *Wire should wrap around the cup one full time, resulting in a loop on each side.



5. Pull wire tight to get a good grip around the rim of the cup and thread loops up and under the wire cup holder to get rid of any excess length. ( see picture 😉)



wire cup hanger

6. Cut a piece of jute string to your desired length and tie each end to the wire cup holder loops.


7. After choosing where you want to hang your herbs, create a small hole in the wall using a hammer and nail.

8. Remove the nail and screw in the cup hook.

9. Once the cup hook is secure, hang the plant on the hook and adjust to desired length.

10. Tie a knot around the cup hook and cut excess string.


*repeat entire process for each plant*

And there you have it! Your very own hanging herb garden!

wp-1465192417907.jpg wp-1465192412579.jpg

Now just so we’re clear, I’m not suggesting that you develop a Starbucks habit like mine, but if you a have some plastic cups just laying around the house,that aren’t being used for drinking, this is a great way to put them to use!


3 comments on “Grow Your Own: DIY Hanging Starbucks Cup Herb Garden

  1. It would be so much better if you could get served in your own cup at Starbucks. But you’ve found here a brilliant idea for re-using your cups! It’s both convenient and nice, well done!

  2. Cute idea! Reusing what we have is awesome and the Starbucks logo is kind of calming at least to me, so it’s nice to grow something out of it.

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