Good Vibes Only : 5 Home Decor Tips to Improve Your Mood


I imagine, after a busy day at work, sitting in a sea of endless traffic, and making a last-minute grocery run, due to not having all the ingredients for that must try recipe you found on Pinterest … You’re practically running to the door.  But how do you feel, once you’re inside?

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Questions to ask yourself :

  • Does the sight of the paint color you chose from the “oops paint” section at Home Depot, solely based on the fact that it cost $9, now immediately stress you out?
  • Is the lack of sufficient lighting ( apartment dweller problems) making you feel even more fatigued after a long day at work?
  • Do you feel like you’re whole life is slowly unraveling, as you watch the pile of clutter on your bedroom floor continues to grow at rapid pace?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have now figured out that the decor and overall design of your space may be directly affecting your mood. But not to worry, after doing a little research, here are 5 mood boosting decor tips to help bring back the good vibes.


1. Pick a Color – Color impacts us on an emotional, psychological and physical level. Whether you’re choosing a paint color or adding pops of color, with decor, its important to know what colors bring out the best in you.


color pallete
         Emily Henderson // Apartment Therapy // Market Square // A Beautiful Mess // Society Social // Apartment Therapy

Warm Colors: Inviting-Happy-Cozy 

Yellow – Energy

Orange –  Friendly and Inviting

Red – Passion

Pink – Soft and Sensitive

Cool Colors: Calming-Soothing-Comfort

Green – Optimism

Blue – Calming

Purple – Creativity

Color is a direct reflection of personality. You want to choose a palette that makes you feel happy in every room. – Maxwell Ryan, creator of Apartment Therapy and Author of Complete+Happy Home 


2. Let There Be Light – According to research published in the  Journal of Consumer Psychology, the more intense the lighting, the greater a person’s emotions — both positive and negative. Consider pulling back those sun blocking,blackout curtains and trade them in for some sheers that will allow the sun to shine on through. Remember, natural light and happiness go hand in hand.


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The Zoe Report


3. Positive Vibes: Incorporate positive affirmations into your decor by creating a vision board, hanging wall art with affirming messages, or simply posting affirming sticky notes on your bathroom mirror. This gives you a visual reminder of your goals and focus and will serve as extra motivation for the days when you’re just not feeling it.


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Secret Holiday & Co


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House Beautiful



4. Clean it Up – When your house is in disarray, 9 times out of 10, you’re life feels like it’s in disarray. Just by taking the time to make your bed each morning, you will feel more organized and ready to take on the day. Making your bed, each morning, might also motivate you to take care of all the other clutter surrounding your bed. For more cleaning tips, check out my Spring Refresh post,


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Benjamin Moore


5. Go Green –  But not in the way you’re thinking… I’m talking house plants. Although you might be a little nervous about taking care of a living organism, plants are said to increase concentration, lower stress levels, and act as natural purifiers. Now all you have to do is, remember to water it!


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Space Plate Create


Remember… It’s not you, it’s your decor 😉


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