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I know, I know .. It’s been a while. Due to my travel schedule this month there’s a little too much space on Space Plate Create. Last week, I traveled to Atlanta ( FILA), then back to La, and now headed back to the east coast. Every now and then I get a little homesick, in LA, so it was great to be home.

When asked which city I consider home, I simply reply, “all of them”.  In my head, I go down this list:

  • Born in Pa ( suburbs of Philadelphia )
  • Raised in Ga ( Metro Atlanta )
  • Educated in Ma ( Boston )
  • Living in Ca ( Los Angeles )

Each city has given me a lifetime of memories, lessons, and relationships that will last a lifetime. Now that I call LA home, I like to keep little reminders of my favorite cities around the house to stay connected to my east coast roots. On my last trip to Atlanta, I picked up this cute old-fashioned glass from, The Merchant, that summed up, what I think is the perfect description of Atlanta.

Turnt Double Old Fashion
Turnt Double Old Fashion – Fishs Eddy


Whether you subscribe to the wanderlust way of life or you’ve planted your roots (for now), in the words of Dorothy, ” There’s no place like home”.

Here are a few ways to make sure you always have a piece of home with you, no matter where you are.

Area Code Rocks Glasses – SistersofLosAngeles // Cities Calendar – Rifle Paper Co // Embroidered State Pillow – CatStudio // City Market Bag – Apolis


Claudia Pearson City Tea Towels
                                                          Claudia Pearson City Tea Towels – West Elm



city illustrations
                                                                            Anna Bond City Illustrations – Rifle Paper Co


                                                             Personal Photo Print Book – Artifact Uprising


Favorite City Sign
   PONCHO & GOLDSTEIN Favorite City Sign – Nordstrom


Check back later this month, to read all about my east coast travels! Next stop: Boston.


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