Small Kitchen Update & Kitchen Wall Storage Ideas

When it comes to having a spatially challenged kitchen, you have to consider all of your options when it comes to storage. Having an ever-growing collection of cookware, dishes, and kitchen gadgets that my cabinets could no longer accommodate, forced to find a storage solution. Seeing that the counters and even the top of the refrigerator were already taken, the only option I had left was the wall. I was reluctant at first because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put another hole in the wall of an apartment that I did not own, but then I thought “Why not? I’ve already painted the walls and mounted my tv to the wall.”

ryobi drill
My first drill !

This past week, while my parents were visiting from Georgia, my dad and I set out to create some extra storage space in my kitchen, with a little help from Ikea and my new best friend, Ryobi.
( Sidenote: This was my Dad’s first time at Ikea, so my usual hour-long visit turned into a two hour trip through their maze of a showroom). After spending the afternoon at IKEA and a quick stop at Home Depot we were ready to go.

As always, the goal is to keep more coins in my purse than out, so thanks to Ikea’s budget friendly pricing, the project came in right under $70






Before : 



ikea grundtal system


And while we’re on the subject of kitchen wall storage, here are some kitchen trends I’m currently crushing on.

Open Shelving – This trend gives you a chance to channel your inner visual merchandiser, and showcase your dishes and food in such a way that you don’t even want to move anything, in fear of messing up your masterpiece.


open kitchen shelving


open kitchen shelving

Peg Boards – Relive your preschool days, when all you had to worry about was fitting the peg in the hole. This trend is versatile and great for someone who gets bored with the same look day in and day out. Don’t like it? Change it up in 2 seconds!


west elm industrial pendant lamp


peg it all peg board
Peg it All –


Hooks and Rails – Perfect way to keep the things you use most within reach. No more guessing games, when it comes to where you last saw your favorite pan.


kitchen hooks and rails



5 comments on “Small Kitchen Update & Kitchen Wall Storage Ideas

  1. I love the Ikea utensil holders hanging from a bar in the kitchen. Our last house had a teeny tiny kitchen and that’s how we stored our silverware. Works like a charm! Those hooks are so useful for all kinds of other stuff too. Pinned!

  2. This is fantastic! I’m continually amazed at what IKEA can do!

  3. Great tips, I so wish I had an Ikea closer. I would be broke lol.

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