Tech and the Kitchen: 10 Gadgets That Will Make Your Kitchen Smarter

As someone who is borderline obsessed with kitchen gadgets and new technology, I’m always looking for something that will cut down on my time spent in the kitchen. If something can be done from my phone or automated I’ll be the first in line to buy it. Over the years, I’ve collected cabinets and drawers full of “as seen on TV” products, some great and some that should have stayed on TV. Nevertheless, I haven’t given up on keeping up with the latest and greatest in kitchen tech.

Here are 10 innovations, ranging from time-saving to  just plain cool, that have recently caught my eye, starting with my latest QVC purchase :

1. Miracle Gro Aero Garden – Forget about having a green thumb or a yard for that matter, the aero garden allows you to grow fresh herbs and tomatoes any time of the year. Each seed pod grows for 6 months, meaning fresh cilantro and basil any time you want it. The cherry on top? The mini cherry tomato seedlings can yield up to 160 tomatoes in the 6 month period.

miracle gro sprout aero garden

2.  Smarter iKettle 2.0 – Get ready for work and have the kettle going with the tap of a button. The wifi enabled kettle allows you to choose the temperature and start boiling your water from the smart kettle app on your phone. The app will even send you a notification when it’s done!  (Unfortunately this hasn’t quite made it to the use yet. Only in the UK :/ )

3. Hiku – Say hello to your new best friend! This little device lets you make grocery lists by scanning the UPC codes or speaking the names of the products you need.  The list appears on an app that can be installed and synchronized across multiple devices. The device is also a magnet, so you can leave it right on the refrigerator door.  Never worry about forgetting your grocery list at home again!


4. Calphalon Self-Sharpening Cutlery Set – Forget about having to manually sharpen your knives. This knife block has built-in sharpeners that sharpen each knife after every use.

5. Crock-Pot® 6-Quart. Smart Slow Cooker –  Using Wemo, a home automation app, you can control the temperature, cook time and power for your crockpot, all from your smart phone or tablet.


6. Ball Fresh TECH Automatic Home Canning System – Hello strawberry jam!  This device takes the guess-work and mess out of preserves and pickling. The innovative technology controls the time and temperature needed for ball’s classic recipes and produces perfectly preserved foods with the press of a button. Just think you can actually use your mason jars for their intended purpose.


7. The Egg Minder –  Wirelessly connects to your mobile device to track the number of eggs you have and tells you when they’re going bad. In-tray LED lights indicate the oldest egg, while push notifications alert you when you’re running low.


8.   The Orange Chef Prep Pad –  Works with your iPad or iPhone to serve as not only a digital scale, but also a nutritional guide. It has a “food library” of more than 300,000 items, and gives you the breakdown of calories, fat, protein and carbs.

9.  Phillips Air Fryer – The air fryer makes the impossible, possible with a healthy way to fry food.  Not only does it fry, it  bakes, grills and roasts food using a tablespoon or less of oil.

10. Moen Kitchen Faucet Featuring MotionSense – Saving the best for last, this is the answer to a germaphobes prayers. The motion sense technology triggers the flow of water with a simple hand movement.

How smart is your kitchen?


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