5 New Year’s Resolutions for the Home

Happy New Year! Often, when people make new year’s resolutions it involves health and wealth, but what about the home? You know, the place you lay your head at night after long days of working on health and wealth. So in this first week of 2016, lets resolve to show our homes a little more love with these 5 resolutions.


Clear the Clutter…

In the Kitchen :

Expiration dates are not suggestions, throw away any food that’s past it’s prime or include any close to expiring foods in your recipes for the current week.


Edit your wardrobe. Figure out what items are must haves and what items must go. Pay it forward and donate your gently used items to your local goodwill.





Tackle the mountain of magazines piling up on your coffee table. Flip through them one last time and then take them out to the recycling bin.

Get Organized…

Organization is key! Use drawer organizers and baskets to divide and conquer those junk drawers and cabinets that you filled with who knows what, during 2015.

                          Ikea Skubb Drawer Organizers

Add Some Color….

Whether it’s an accent wall or accent pillows, adding a little color can change the entire look and feel of a room. This is a great way to start the new year and refresh your place.


Deep Clean…

Nothing says fresh start than a clean house. This is a great time to really get in there and clean everything from the grout, to the base boards, and even the tops of the cabinets, where never looks. Think bucket, rubber gloves, bleach, and good sponge!

Mr. Clean Bliss Gloves // Clean-Up® Cleaner + Bleach // Casabella Scrub Sponges // 16 ct Bucket 


* For more deep cleaning tips, check out Buzzfeed’s article on 31 ways to Seriously Deep Clean Your Home 


Re-purpose / Upcycle… 
New year, new use! You can take an old bottle and transform it into a lamp or add a little sparkle to ordinary household accessories by spray painting them gold.

Upcycled Lamp Project


Mirror Makeover Project

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