More Than One Way To Cook A Bird | Thanksgiving Turkey 7 Ways

With Thanksgiving just weeks away, the pressure to solidify the menu is getting bigger and bigger. Every year, I tell myself I’m going to try a new turkey recipe. I normally get as far as making a Pinterest board and pinning all of these amazing recipes, just to settle for the old faithful ” turkey in bag”. 2014-11-27 17.22.09But this year it’s time to kick it up a notch.

After looking through countless food magazines, watching morning show food segments, and scouring Pinterest for hours, I’ve compiled a list of my top contenders for this year’s turkey from traditional to adventurous. If you’re like me and you have yet to make up you’re mind, you may want to give one of these recipes a try!





The Traditional – Roasted  Turkey 

Martha Stewart

A Simple and to the point recipe from Martha Stewart . Perfect for the first time cook who wants to impress their guests.


Extra Juicy – Brined Turkey

Whole Foods

This method may seem a little like a science experiment, but produces a very juicy bird. Don’t worry, Whole Foods offers a step by step video on ” How to Wet Brine a Turkey“.


 Deep Fried – Fried Turkey 

BuzzFeed Life

This southern take on turkey, requires a little bravery, a lot of oil, and a turkey fryer. I suggest following BuzzFeed Life’s fool-proof guide on frying turkey.


The Time Saver  – Spatchcocked Turkey

Serious Eats

This method requires a little surgery. By removing the backbone of the turkey, the cook time is practically split in half ( no pun intended).

Under Wraps – Turkey Wellington

Jamie Oliver

Wrapped in puff pastry and includes bacon and cranberry jam.. Need I say more?


The Oven Saver – Slow Cooker Turkey

Mom on Time Out

Forget having to play Tetris in your oven. Put the turkey in a slow cooker and free up some space for all of your sides.


Spice it Up – Jamaican Jerk Turkey 


This recipe from, Saveur,  brings heat with a hint of sweet. Great for the spice lover.


All of these recipes will be sure to have your guests feeling very thankful. I’ll let you know which one I choose!



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