Luxe for Less : Temporary Wall Paper vs. Contact Paper

As a renter, in LA, after looking at studio  after studio, when I finally found “the one”, and I immediately wanted to make it my own.  Although the charm of the exposed brick hasn’t worn off, the truth is I’m not sure this will be my forever place in LA. Knowing this, I had to figure out a solution that would allow me to add my own personal style without making a permanent decision.

When looking for a solution to update my  open closet wall, temporary wallpaper was the first thing that came to mind. While temporary wallpaper is a great option, at $25-$90 a panel, I realized this project was going to get a little pricey.


Some popular sources for temporary wall paper :

Chasing Paper 


Hygge & West 

Over the weekend, I discovered the same look could be achieved by using contact paper, also known as shelf liner. While perusing the home section of TJ Maxx, I came across two rolls of greek key patterned shelf liner, by the Macbeth Collection, for $10. Of course being the person who can’t resist a deal, I threw it my cart and headed straight for the checkout line.

The great thing about contact paper/shelf liner, is that you can find it just about anywhere, from Target, to TJ Maxx, to the grocery store.

  The process, at first, seemed pretty straight forward..Measure, cut, peel, and stick. The one thing that I found a bit challenging was making sure the pattern lined up from sheet to sheet.

After a good 45 minutes of meticulously applying and reapplying the paper, I was finally satisfied with results!


My favorite thing  about this project, other than saving almost $100, is that the paper  peels right off and  I can go right back to a blank canvas whenever I get the urge to switch things up.

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