Man Cave Monday : Upcycled Deleon Bottle Table Lamp

When I think of home DIY projects for men, I normally think of some outdoor project or home repair that requires a trip to Home Depot. This week, my brother and new men’s decor contributor, Paul Anthony, completely changed my mind with his Upcycled Deleon Tequila Bottle Table Lamp. Made from a Deleon Tequila bottle and an old IKEA Alang Lamp, this stylish and masculine lamp is sure to light up even the darkest man cave. ( excuse my bad jokes lol ) Check out how he created this lamp below. For more men’s decor tips check back twice a month for a new “Man Cave Monday” post.

Upcycled Deleon Tequila Bottle Table Lamp 



Materials Needed : 

Power Drill

Carbide Tipped 3/8 Glass Drill Bit


Deleon Tequila Bottle

IKEA Jara Lamp Shade

Lighting Cord Kit

IKEA Kulort Decorative Stones 













1. Fill bottle with sand and pack in tight
2. With a carbide tipped glass drill bit slowly drill hole into the back of the bottle.

3. Let bottle cool down then remove sand and rinse with warm water
4. Drill hole through bottle top with a 1/2 drill bit

5. Feed wire through the top then tighten the top.  Continue to feed the cord to the bottom of the bottle and through the hole.

6 Fill bottle with Kulort crushed glass
7. Add on shade and tighten




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