Operation : Organization 

No matter how many times I clean my vanity, it always ends up looking like a disaster area. Since it’s Saturday. I figured organizing my vanity area and drawers would be the perfect weekend project.

Of course, my first stop was Target, my weekend sanctuary, where I picked up some contact paper and looked at some drawer organizers, which proved to be a bit overpriced. I then headed over to the Dollar Tree, the one place that has everything you could possibly think of , and more, for a $1. I ended up leaving the Dollar tree, with some wire drawer organizer baskets and a pair of scissors.  As if this outing hadn’t already taken long enough, I made one last stop at Marshalls, where I picked up an Acrylic Clear Lipstick Organizer, for the low price of $5.99

Instructions for contact paper:
Measure the area to be covered, then cut with scissors a section of the adhesive paper to fit. The grid printed on the back of the paper that covers the adhesive helps you cut straight lines.

Peel back a corner of the paper backing and position it in place. Continue to pull small sections of the paper backing away from the Con-Tact paper and smooth it into place little by little.

After lining the drawers, I meticulously organized them, by products, purpose, and size. Now everything has it’s place! Let’s see how long this will last ….


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  1. This is fantastic…now we don’t have drawers in our bathroom just under the sink cabinets any ideas on how I be better organize bc it feels like stuff is just thrown under there…want it more organized

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